Depart from Shinjuku: Enjoy a convenient bus tour to the Japan Alps and Tateyama/Kurobe! [PR]

Sightseeing spots in Central Honshu of interest to FIT (foreign independent tour) tourists

There are many sightseeing spots in Central Honshu, including Matsumoto Castle (national treasure) and Kamikochi nestled under the Japan Alps, Hida Takayama with well-preserved old streets, and Shirakawa-go (UNESCO World Heritage site), which are highly rated in tourist guidebooks worldwide. These destinations have become more popular among tourists visiting Japan.

Kanazawa/Toyama bus tour route
From Shinjuku: Kanazawa/Toyama bus tour route

The following are descriptions of popular sightseeing spots.


Taisho Pond and its landscape represents Kamikochi, which is one of the well-known sightseeing spots near Matsumoto. It formed when a river was blocked in a mudslide caused by a volcanic eruption. The submerged, withered forest in the pond forms an intriguing scene. The fantastic landscape reflected on the surface of the water, which is as beautiful as a mirror, attracts many tourists.

Shinhotaka Ropeway

From Shinhotaka Ropeway, fully enjoy the natural scenery of the Japan Alps spreading beneath you. Japan’s only two-story gondola offers a magnificent view of the over 2,000-meter high (about 6,561 feet) mountains. Experience the breathtaking panoramic view from the roof observation deck of Nishihotakaguchi Station, at an altitude of 2,156 meters (about 7,073 feet) high.


Shirakawa-go has gasshozukuri (gassho-style) houses with distinctive thatched roofs. It has the reputation of an area with heavy snowfall, but also has an attractive season of fresh greenery. The village (UNSECO World Heritage site) surrounded by greenery is a place where you can get a lot of fresh air.

There are many routes and tickets available allowing tourists to select bus tours that are convenient for their style of travel.

For a tour of sightseeing spots in Central Honshu, a highway bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo, is a convenient, low-priced option. Find a ticket that suits the style and schedule of your trip. Visit popular sightseeing spots along the route of a highway bus.

For example, “Three-Star Route Shinjuku Ticket” is a one-way ticket for the highway bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo, to either Toyama or Kanazawa (choose one as your destination). Make your connection at stopovers, Matsumoto, Takayama and Shirakawa-go (period of validity: 7 days). This ticket is suitable for tourists seeking an efficient trip.

For tourists who want to fully enjoy the sightseeing spots in Shinshu and the Hida area, “Three-Star Alps Unlimited Ride Shinjuku Pass” (arrive and depart from Shinjuku) is recommended. It allows unlimited travel for four days en route to your destination, so you can fully enjoy your trip to Kamikochi and the Shinhotaka areas and the abundant nature.

Highway bus tour

Large baggage, including suitcases, can be checked on the bus and you can comfortably enjoy your trip from your seat.

Luxurious travel that allows you to enjoy a tour to Tateyama/Kurobe in a relaxed manner, along with sightseeing in Toyama

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Did you know that you can take a highway bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo, to a popular destination along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route? For example, you can enjoy a luxurious trip sightseeing in Tateyama/Kurobe and then go to Toyama.

With the “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Shinjuku Ticket”* from Shinjuku, Tokyo, you can fully enjoy sightseeing in Tateyama/Kurobe, and then go to Toyama along the Sea of Japan.

* For a limited period (For details, visit:

Tateyama and Mikuriga-ike pond

Murodo-Daira, the center of the Alpine Route, is also a well-known sightseeing spot, located at an altitude of 2,450 meters (8,000 feet). Enjoy the scenery of 3,000-meter-high (9,400-foot) mountains, such as the renowned Mt. Tsurugidake and Tateyama-sanzan. In addition, experience the beauty of nature, including Mikuriga-ike pond, the deepest lake in the Japan Alps.

Toyama in spring
Toyama is also well-known as a city with many flowers.
Cherry tress at Toyama Castle
Cherry tress at Toyama Castle

Reserve a seat online for a highway bus tour from Shinjuku. Visit the following website: Prepare for your tour in Japan before arriving. Take a highway bus from Shinjuku and enjoy a tour of sightseeing spots in Central Honshu.

Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku

Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku

The Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku in the Keio Mall at the West Exit Chikagai, Shinjuku Station, is a tourist information center with information on Central Honshu. Drop in if you plan to visit sightseeing spots such as Matsumoto and Shirakawa-go.

At this Plaza, you can receive your ticket for a highway bus that you reserved online and also can reserve a hotel. English and Chinese-speaking staff are there for your convenience.