From Narita Airport to your destination at a reasonable price. Convenient and comfortable bus access

Go to central Tokyo while enjoying the scenery without having to change trains

Tourists who always use the bus for access from Narita Airport recommend it because you can go to your destination without having to transfer between trains.


It is tiring to pay attention and not miss the station where you need to change trains on an unfamiliar train line. It is even more exhausting if it is after a long flight. It is also hard to move around with a lot of luggage. On the other hand, most buses go directly to your destination such as a station or a hotel, so you can relax and enjoy your ride.

Yokohama(left),Makuhari Messe

Keisei Bus is becoming popular among all the buses that leave from Narita Airport. Keisei Bus is a professional company that has specialised in bus services since 1930, and is very familiar with Chiba Prefecture and the Tokyo area. They have plenty of routes to the stations in and around Tokyo including Kichijoji, a popular town among young people located in the west part of Tokyo, Yokohama where you can enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food, Makuhari Messe that holds events like exhibitions of new video games and Kisarazu that has a popular outlet mall, and you can get to your destination smoothly.

There is a luggage compartment under the bus where you can store large luggage, so you can enjoy your ride with only a small bag with you onboard the bus.

Only 1,000 yen for a one-way ticket between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station! This “Tokyo Shuttle” is a hot topic on social media too.

Tokyo Shutle

Among all the routes Keisei Bus runs, the one from Narita Airport, “Tokyo Shuttle” is the most popular now. The “Tokyo Shuttle” is a high-way bus that connects Narita Airport and Tokyo Station and the one-way fare is only 1,000 yen*, the cheapest of all the transportation options between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station! It is recommended to pay in cash, but you may be able to pay with a credit card issued outside Japan, so you should check at the ticket counter. You can catch this shuttle at all the terminals in Narita Airport and it runs between Narita Airport and Tokyo in about one hour when there is no traffic.

*The fare for buses that leave Tokyo Station between 1:00 am and 5:00 am is 2,000 yen one way.

The earliest shuttle of the day from Narita Airport leaves at 5:55 am (Terminal 3) and the last one leaves at 11:10 pm (Terminal 3). “Tokyo Shuttle” stops at each terminal in the order of Terminal 3, 2 and 1, so you can catch it at the terminal you arrive at. Also, it always runs at 20-minute intervals or less from the earliest to the last shuttle and there are 6 shuttles between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Tokyo Shutle

“Tokyo Shuttle” is mentioned often on social media overseas, with comments such as “I was surprised by how cheap and quick it was” and “I felt the hospitality when I saw the driver’s smile”. The number of users has reached 2 million in 3 years since it started operating in July 2012.

Tokyo Shuttle & Subway Pass

“Tokyo Shuttle” offers “Tokyo Shuttle & Subway Pass” (1,700 yen), which is a set that includes a one-way ticket for the “Tokyo Shuttle” and a day pass for the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway called “Tokyo Subway Ticket”. It also includes discount tickets for sightseeing in Tokyo. You can purchase it at a ticket counter in every terminal of Narita Airport. “Tokyo Subway Ticket” is a convenient ticket that allows you to travel from Tokyo Station or Nihonbashi Station on the subway line to popular tourist spots in central Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya as well as Asakusa, Ginza and Roppongi.

The ticketing system of “Tokyo Shuttle” is more convenient than you think

ticket counter

“Tokyo Shuttle” has a system where you buy a ticket that assigns the time at the ticket counter before you get on. It may seem more inconvenient than buses that have a system where you put money in the coin box placed next to the driver, but in fact, by administrating the number of tickets issued at each counter through a computer system, it secures a seat for each passenger. This is a convenient system to help every passenger spend a relaxing time on the bus as they will never be assigned to an auxiliary seat.

bus stop(Narita Airport)
bus stop(Tokyo)
Keisei Bus Terminal No.3(Tokyo Station,Yaesu Gate)

“Tokyo Shuttle” for Narita Airport leaves from the stop across from Daimaru department store at Yaesu North exit of Tokyo Station. The stop is close to Nihonbashi subway station and there is also a shuttle that you can catch from Ginza. There is a place near the stop called “Keisei Expressway Bus Lounge” that can be used as a waiting room, where you can spend time comfortably until your bus comes.

Keisei Kosoku Bus Lounge
bus stop(Tokyo)

No need to transfer even when travelling to popular tourist spots

There is a bus that runs directly to Nara (left) and Kyoto from Tokyo

Keisei Bus operates on many routes that go to tourist spots across Japan from Tokyo and around Chiba. You can go to popular tourist spots including Tokyo Disney Resort®, Kyoto and Nara without having to transfer. With the long distance overnight bus, you can use your time efficiently and save on accommodation. The bus has a reclining seat, power outlet and USB port so you can enjoy your ride comfortably. Fares start from 7,900 yen from Tokyo to Osaka, half the price of taking a shinkansen. You may also be able to enjoy talking with the person sitting next to you.

The latest equipment and high quality and reliable service

Keisei bus is striving to make their operation as safe and smooth as possible.

For example, they check the location of the running buses in real time using a high-performance GPS and the digital MCA radio system. Their buses are also equipped with a monitor to detect driver distraction to check to see if the bus is under control or not by comparing it with the white line on the road.

the driver and the administrator

Also the driver and the administrator communicate via radio and flexibly change the route according to the traffic on the road so that they can drive the passengers to their destination safely and on time. Above all, they have the know-how of operating buses that they have learned over the past 80 plus years. By combining these, they provide a reliable and high-quality service that makes users feel at ease.

“Omotenashi” gives you an enjoyable bus trip

Keisei Bus is committed to enhancing their services for tourists from overseas because they want tourists to enjoy their trip in Japan.

At each ticket counter at Narita Airport, English-speaking staff provide support so tourists can find a bus stop and catch it smoothly. They also have a homepage in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean where they show the bus schedule of each route.

“Tokyo Shuttle” is low-priced, but there is no compromise on “omotenashi” (hospitality). They have an exclusive porter at the “Tokyo Shuttle” stop at Narita Airport who quickly puts your large luggage into the trunk of the bus for you. Of course, it is for free and no tip is necessary. After you get on, an experienced driver drives you to central Tokyo. The LCD screen on the bus shows the information on the stops as well as access information to tourist spots such as Shinjuku and Tokyo Skytree in multiple languages.

ticket counter

Traveling on the bus is an easy way to get to not only central Tokyo but also other tourist spots and the fare is reasonable. Use the bus when traveling in Japan!